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Mr Andy SG Ang

MBBS, BMedSc, MSurg, ELP(Oxf), FRACS, FAOrthA

Orthopaedic Upper Limb Surgeon | Hand, Wrist and Elbow Specialist Surgeon

Mr Andy SG Ang is a fully qualified surgeon with a vision to set a new standard for the way upper limb orthopaedic care is delivered in Australia. To ensure his patients have access to world-class orthopaedic upper limb surgery, Mr Ang has completed extensive national and international training.

This has included the training needed for recognition with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian Orthopaedic Association, plus additional subspecialty training with internationally recognised hand surgeons at various world-renowned upper limb and hand centres.

Patient advocate and passionate health professional

Mr Ang deeply understands the importance of the patient care experience. To this end, he is dedicated to making sure your experience with Apley Orthopaedics is as pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. The Apley Orthopaedics difference is our commitment to exceptional service and providing a positive patient experience.


As a dedicated healthcare professional, Mr Ang is also involved in training and supporting the upcoming generation of orthopaedic registrars and medical students. He currently mentors medical students at the University of Melbourne as part of the MDHS Mentoring Team.

He also believes in giving back to society and is a proud, long-serving member of his local St John Ambulance division. Mr Ang also provides pro bono orthopaedic surgery services to disadvantaged communities in Queensland. In 2019, he was part of an international Orthopaedic Outreach Travelling team that provided expert orthopaedic services to the people of Cambodia.


Mr Ang has completed three highly sought-after subspecialty fellowships at various prestigious and renowned upper limb centres in the world. The first one in Sydney involved working with Associate Professor Graham Gumley, Associate Professor Nick Smith (President of NSW Hand Surgery Society) and their respective teams during which he trained in adult and paediatric hand and wrist surgery, joint replacement surgery, nerve compression conditions and the art of microsurgery.

His second fellowship in the United Kingdom involved training in hand and elbow surgery at a tertiary trauma and referral centre in the South of England with Professor David Warwick (President of British Hand Surgery Society) and his team. In Brisbane, his third fellowship under Professor Mark Ross (President of Queensland Hand Surgery Society & President of Shoulder Society) and his team was completed at a tertiary referral and high volume trauma centre for complex hand and upper limb conditions and microsurgery.

Providing the best medical care possible

Ensuring you get
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What you need to
know about choosing
a hand surgeon

A fully qualified hand surgeon is a post-fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who has completed the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) intensive training, plus spent additional years undertaking extensive sub-specialised hand surgery training in an accredited fellowship program.

These programs require a minimum 18 months of training, with completion of a set of core hand surgery curriculum within a network of approved hand surgery training centres. A hand surgeon choosing this path is committed to extra education and providing the best medical care possible.

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